General applications for IDP®

Because IDP® supports the immune system and your microbiome by providing natural protection from free radicals, inflammation and infection, it is a safe and effective alternative for many internal and external applications. 

The effectiveness of IDP® comes from the fact it is derived from milk.  Milk provides essential nutrition for newborns and contains a large number of proteins that perform important nutritional and physiological functions. Milk is produced in the mammary gland of a mammal, such as a cow (the milk used in IDP®), goat, sheep, human or any being that lactates after giving birth.  The mammary gland of a cow is lined with an internal ‘skin’, similar to the external skin of our bodies, but without the tough outside layer. This makes it more vulnerable to bacterial invasion from the environment.  Once bacteria enters the mammary gland, it could infect the internal ‘skin’ and, if that occurs, the infection on the internal ‘skin’ can result in redness and irritation or in other words, inflammation. 

The potential applications for IDP® centre on any condition of the body that involves:

  1. a skin or a surface
  2. a potential bacterial invasion, and
  3. a potential inflammatory response

That skin or surface could be the external skin, the mouth, the throat, the internal lining of the gut or digestive tract, the ear, the nose, the reproductive passages or even the internal lining of another mammary gland of a human or any animal.

As such, IDP® is suited to products that can target oral & throat health, gut & digestive health, reproductive health, skincare and more.

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Specific applications for IDP®

For oral & throat health, the main challenge is bacterial or viral ingestion which can lead to dental hygiene issues such as bad breath, irritated throats and decreased gum health.

For gut & digestive health, the main challenge is maintenance of the gut’s microbiome or maintaining a healthy gut balance.  This has been shown to support conditions such as enhanced immunity, gut comfort and gut irritation.

For skincare, any condition that involves a bacterial cause can be supported, such as Propionibacterium acnes in acne, Malessezia furfur for dandruff, Tinea pedis for athlete’s foot, or Staphylococci infections in wounds.

IDP® in skincare

Daily exposure to the skin from sun, wind, chemicals, bacteria, and pollution produce inflammation and oxidative stress that overwhelms the antioxidant capacity of the skin. 

IDP® has proven biological activity that is further amplified by natural activators to provide a powerful, yet soothing effect on the skin based on the complete immuno-protective system. This system is found throughout the body as the first line of defense against injury and infection. 

IDP® is particularly suited to skincare products, and is effective for preventing and clearing skin conditions including eczema and acne, while being less drying and irritating. 

IDP® is the main ingredient in Epiology, a naturally active skincare range clinically proven to prevent acne.

With its potent Triple Action properties, Epiology penetrates deep into the pores to target acne bacteria, while reducing redness and inflammation. 

The Milkamune® nutritional range supports the body’s immune system, enhancing digestive health and supporting the gut microbiome.

With two products currently in the range, Milkamune® Bioactive Milk Protein combines New Zealand milk powder and IDP® bioactive milk proteins to provide a healthy and natural boost for your immune system and gut microbiome. Milkamune® Colostrum Powder with Lactoferrin provides a convenient and tasty way to support your immune system, with both ingredients rich in key nutrients and proteins.

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