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About Us

Why we exist

Quantec was founded in New Zealand in 2008 by Dr Judy Bragger and Dr Rod Claycomb. The company was founded following their discovery of the powerful synergy created by over 50+ bioactive whey proteins that are present in pasture fed milk. This bioactive protein synergy creates far greater potency than any of its isolates and was created by nature to support the innate immune system. The antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties discovered and quantified by Rod and Judy's research led to the development and launch of IDP® (Immune Defense Proteins). Recently the knowledge and expertise gained since the launch of IDP® has enabled Quantec to launch the SynaQ® range of customised bioactive whey proteins - tailored for specific application and consumer needs.

The team at Quantec has grown since 2008, but its purpose has remained the same - focused on the characterisation and application of bioactive whey proteins for positive health and wellness outcomes.

Meet the team

John Dawson - Quantec

John Dawson, Chief Executive Officer

John Dawson started at Quantec in March 2020 as General Manager of Marketing and Sales, and moved into the CEO role in April 2023. John brings over 30 years’ experience to Quantec, having held senior sales and marketing roles in the packaging industry working with the food and dairy sectors.

His most recent role was as Global Marketing Director (Dairy) for packaging solution company Sealed Air, where he was responsible for developing global strategies for innovation to provide value for their dairy customers and generate sales growth. John is focused on developing growth strategies for IDP® and looking at future trends and opportunities in fortified/functional foods and skincare.

Dr Rod Claycomb - Quantec

Rod Claycomb, Co-founder & Innovation Director


Rod Claycomb founded Quantec in 2008. He has extensive experience in the dairy industry, particularly in pure and applied research and product commercialization.

Rod is credited with developing the first proof-of-principle online automated milk progesterone biosensor, and other areas of expertise include bioactives, biosensors, agri-technology and R&D business management.

Dr Colin Ogle - Quantec

Dr Colin Ogle, Technical and Regulatory Manager

PhD, MSc, BSc (Tech) 

Dr Colin Ogle is Quantec's Technical and Regulatory Manager for regulatory affairs. He has been involved with R&D and registration of animal health products in New Zealand, Australia and the United States throughout his entire career, and has worked in technical support of the manufacture and quality control of these products.

He has also specialised in analytical laboratory support for leading research institutes such as HortResearch and NIWA Ecosystems, and has an interest in medical applications of chemistry. His key role at Quantec is to lead the animal and human health technologies from feasibility through to global registration.

Cici Zhao - Quantec

Cici Zhao, General Manager Quantec Manufacturing; Business Development Manager

Bachelor of Environmental Research Management

Cici joined Quantec in 2017 and has been working in the New Zealand food industry for more than ten years. She has progressed through various business areas from food safety, sales and product management to general management of both manufacturing and business development in China. Cici has spent the last five years living in New Zealand focusing on health food products, OEM and export to China.

Gillian (Gills) Saxton, Accountant

BCom, DipBusStuds

Gills started with Quantec in June 2019 in the role of Finance Assistant. Her role includes being involved across all things under the umbrella of finance, inventory and office management.  Gills recently completed a Diploma of Business Studies majoring in Accounting which she completed extramurally through Massey University while raising her three children.  

Prior to children, Gills studied Management and Finance at Otago University and then spent eight years in London working in various anti-money laundering roles in investment banks such as Credit Suisse, UBS and ING Bank NV, and for ConocoPhillips. Outside of work she enjoys being involved in her children’s sports, school fundraising activities, and a bootcamp group.

Dr Katherine Adam - Quantec

Dr Katharine Adam, Microbiologist

PhD, MSc, BSc, GradDipPsych

Dr Katharine Adam is a Microbiologist at Quantec, where she researches the properties of Quantec’s Immune Defense Proteins (IDP®) and develops new applications for it. Believing there is always more to know, Katharine holds four degrees, three in science and one in psychology (just in case the microbes start getting ideas).


Natural Health Products NZ Supreme Award
Fernmark Licence Programme Growth Award


Natural Health Products NZ Supreme Award
Cawthron Institute Innovation Award


Natural Health Products NZ
Cawthron Institute Innovation Award

Our board

John Birch, Chair

John Birch has more than 20 years’ governance experience across several board and director roles.

Until 2000, Mr Birch was a shareholder and director of McClunie Birch Ltd, one of New Zealand’s largest providers of process equipment and solutions for the dairy and food industries. 

Mr Birch has also been chair and director of Innovation Waikato Ltd, deputy chair of Habitat for Humanity, and director of Get Smart Holdings Ltd, FeeSmart Finance Ltd, Ligar Polymers Ltd, Perry Investment Management Ltd, and independent director of Pinnacle Ventures Ltd.

Earl Rattray, Director


Earl Rattray’s professional career began as an agricultural economist before entering the dairy industry in the 1980s, progressing from share milking to multiple farm ownership and later, senior dairy industry leadership roles.

He was a founding board member of Fonterra, New Zealand’s largest commercial entity, and the founding Chairman of the New Zealand Dairy Companies Association. He still retains interests in several medium and large-scale dairy farming companies in New Zealand, Chile, USA, Australia, and India.

Earl is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand, and the New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management.

Kate Wilson, Director

B.Sc, M.Sc (Hons), FNZIPA

Kate Wilson is a respected patent attorney, having built up her previous IP law firm James & Wells to national significance before leaving in 2016 after nearly 30 years in the industry. She has been instrumental in adding value to many iconic New Zealand and international organisations through the development, management and commercialization of IP portfolios.

With an extensive background in physics and chemistry, and significant experience in the technology sector, Kate understands the fundamentals of science and technology behind most innovations and has been involved in many boards and working groups.

Rod Claycomb, Director


Rod Claycomb founded Quantec in 2008. He has extensive experience in the dairy industry, particularly in pure and applied research and product commercialization.

Prior to Quantec, Rod was the founding CEO of Sensortec, a company set up to develop and commercialise sensor technologies for the measurement of biological components in fluids, particularly milk.

He was previously Director of R&D for DEC International NZ, managing the short-term product development for Waikato Milking Systems. In the US, he was Director of Engineering and Biosensor Development Engineer for DDx in Denver, where he managed engineering projects supporting the development of biosensor platforms for food and air-borne pathogens and the development of electronic reproduction aids for the cattle industry.

Our science partners

Quantec work with leading analytical and research partners in New Zealand and around the world to assess and verify the functionality and health benefits of our bioactive whey protein ingredients

Our Products