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Quantec is the home of research, science, nature and Kiwi ingenuity. It started with the discovery of the powerful synergy created by the naturally occurring immune defence proteins in New Zealand milk and their positive impact on health. Then through painstaking analysis, creativity and recognition of where good health starts, Quantec have developed specialist expertise in extracting bioactive whey proteins from milk and creating ingredient solutions to support immunity and digestive health for consumers around the world. It’s the unique patented combination of milk bioactives delivered by Quantec’s ingredients that provide enhanced functional benefits. It’s natural, proven by research, endorsed by many users and carries the mark of quality that comes with New Zealand dairy products. As consumer interest in natural foods and supplements that support overall wellbeing grow in importance, Quantec offers unique ingredient solutions to meet these needs.

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The science of milk bioactives

Milk is the original, natural superfood - providing key nutrients and components to enable growth and to build and support the immune system. The whey protein fraction in milk is a valuable source of essential amino acids and many bioactive proteins and components that have a wide range of functions to benefit human health. Proteins and enzymes such as lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and immunoglobulins play a valuable role in protecting cells against infection by harmful bacteria and viruses. Whey protein bioactives have anti-inflammatory properties that may modulate inflammation and may play a role in reducing health issues caused by excess inflammation.

Quantec scientists discovered that by extracting all of the cationic bioactive whey proteins from milk, the anti-microbial efficacy and functional benefits of the resulting bioactive protein complex is maximised and is far greater than any of the isolates. By utlising the powerful synergy created by the 50+ bioactive whey proteins that are present in milk, Quantec has created a suite of bioactive functional ingredients that offer an effective natural solution to support health and wellness

About Quantec

With expertise in chemistry, microbiology, animal science, physiology and engineering, we have a proven track record of developing novel functional bioactive whey protein ingredient solutions for dietary supplements, functional foods and skincare.


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Research commissioned by New Zealand company Quantec has found that its patented New Zealand milk-derived ingredient IDP® (Immune Defense Proteins) is effective at protecting cells against COVID-19.

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Research commissioned by New Zealand company Quantec, and completed by an independent US laboratory, has found that its patented milk-derived ingredient IDP® (Immune Defense Proteins) is effective

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Hamilton dairy biotech company, Quantec, won the Supreme Award at last week’s Natural Health Products NZ annual awards in Nelson.  The event recognised the successes of New Zealand companies