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How It Works

The science of extracting milk bioactives

Quantec extract the natural defense proteins isolated from fresh, pasteurised milk. These proteins are a specific subset of whey proteins that naturally exist in milk and they are freeze dried after extraction to ensure the natural bioactive properties are maintained. These defense proteins work with the body's immune system to help our response to harmful pathogens. The unique synergistic action of these 50+ bioactive proteins act directly to inhibit harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and their anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the risk of excess inflammation that may result from an immune response.

While these bioactive defense whey proteins are powerful inhibitors of pathogens, they are relatively ineffective against many probiotic and commensal species. These unique selective antimicrobial properties enable Quantec bioactive whey protein ingredients to work effectively with the body's microbiome and support the microorganisms we need for good health while inhibiting pathogens that can cause infections. 

Quantec research and clinical studies has confirmed their novel whey protein fraction has significant efficacy in inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6 and TNF-α.  Additional research on these anti-inflammatory properties and their benefits for digestive health is being carried out with the New Zealand Science Challenge - High Value Nutrition. This project is studying the benefits of Quantec's novel whey protein extract for enhancing intestinal barrier function. The results from this study have been very positive and demonstrate that application of our bioactive whey proteins enhance gut barrier integrity and may protect against inflammatory immune responses that can negatively impact gut comfort.

Using Milk bioactives as an ingredient

Quantec have developed significant expertise in the application of their novel bioactive whey protein ingredients to maximise the functionality of the finished product. We have successfully applied our bioactive functional ingredients to a wide range of product formats including powders, tablets, oil emulsions, gels and creams. We work closely with processing and packaging partners to ensure the final product contains functional bioactives that support positive health outcomes. 

We would welcome any enquiries regarding application of our functional bioactive whey proteins to your products.


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