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Research shows patented milk-derived ingredient IDP® effective against influenza virus

Research commissioned by New Zealand company Quantec, and completed by an independent US laboratory, has found that its patented milk-derived ingredient IDP® (Immune Defense Proteins) is effective against influenza virus species.

At a time when there is an intense global focus on viruses, Quantec commissioned the independent in vitro study to see if IDP® had antiviral activity, and if so whether its formulation, which contains over 50 bioactive proteins, provides greater antiviral activity than a singular protein.

The antiviral activity of IDP® was tested against two viral species, influenza A H1N1/Puerto Rico/8/34 and herpes simplex HSV-1 MacIntyre, and compared against purified (95%) lactoferrin. Lactoferrin has been shown in numerous studies to have antiviral activity.[1]

Influenza A is a virus commonly implicated with flu occurrences, and herpes simplex is implicated in the causation of cold sores.

The testing found that the antiviral activity of IDP® was 120% more effective against Influenza A than lactoferrin, and similar in terms of its efficacy against the herpes simplex virus.

In the testing, IDP® achieved IC50 [2] based on 9.7mg/ml compared to Lactoferrin’s 21.8mg/ml, making IDP® twice as powerful.

Founder of Quantec, Dr Rod Claycomb, says these results suggest that IDP® could play an important role in protecting cells from influenza or herpes infections.

“These are exciting results for IDP® and they support our ongoing development of new products, based on the benefits provided by the powerful synergy in the IDP® complex.

“Nature created the bioactive proteins in milk to work together with the body’s microbiome to support the immune system. We continue to extend our knowledge of the benefits of the IDP® protein complex and its application to support immune health.”

Established in 2009, Quantec has developed, manufactured and commercialised IDP®, which contains over 50 bioactive proteins that occur naturally in milk to protect the cow from infection and inflammation.

Quantec patented the discovery that the IDP® suite of proteins have significantly higher bioactivity than that of singular milk proteins, such as lactoferrin. The compound has already been proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-microbial properties.

Quantec chief executive Raewyn McPhillips says that these properties make IDP® particularly effective as an active ingredient for functional skincare and dietary supplements, due to its ability to work topically on the skin, oral and gut surfaces.

“IDP® is used as a key ingredient for food and beverage products in the form of powder sachets, protein beverages and chewable tablets that are currently sold in China and other Asian markets".

“A key part of our approach to grow Quantec is to work with strategic partners in key markets".

Following this successful research project, Quantec will progress further studies aimed at translating these in vitro results into clinical results.

[1]Superti F, Agamennone M, Pietrantoni A, and Ammendolia MG (2018). Bovine Lactoferrin Prevents Influenza A Virus Infection by Interfering with the Fusogenic Function of Viral Hemagglutinin. Viruses 2019, 11, 5: doi:10.3390/v11010051
Pan Y, Lee A, Wan J, Coventry MJ, Michalski WP, Shiell B, Roginski H (2005) Antiviral properties of milk proteins and peptides. International Dairy Journal 16 (2006) 1252 – 1261
[2] The IC50 represents the concentration of a drug that is required for 50% inhibition of viral replication in vitro.