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Latest IDP human clinical study shows positive effect on immune response

The first day of the XVI International Conference on Lactoferrin held in Rome

The results of a study on the In vivo effects of IDP® on immune response to the influenza (flu) vaccine* were presented at the XVI International Conference on Lactoferrin, held in Rome 6-10 November 2023.

IDP, a natural cows’ milk whey protein complex, has been shown to have potential as a safe and natural active ingredient for dietary supplements and functional foods. It has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative properties.

The study looked at the immune response to the flu vaccination for people consuming IDP at two different concentrations compared to a placebo control group. The study was carried out under controlled double blinded conditions over an 8-week period, with vaccination at 4 weeks.

The group consuming IDP (50mg/day) had a higher immune response to the vaccination than the control group. The group consuming the higher IDP dose (200mg/day) had an even higher and more sustained immune response compared to the control group over the 4 week post-vaccination period.

This study has highlighted the beneficial effects of daily IDP supplementation in improving immune response against influenza vaccine and potential for inducing protection from catching the flu.

For more details on the study keep an eye out for our upcoming journal article.

*Rutherfurd-Markwick Kay, Wei Yongsijia, Thomas Judy, Gammon Cheryl, Akter Tasnima, Adam Katharine, Claycomb Rodney, Ogle Colin and Page Rachel. (2023) Proceedings XVI International Conference on Lactoferrin. In Vivo effects of IDP on antibody responses to the influenza vaccine.