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Quantec is recognised for outstanding innovation at the Natural Health Products NZ awards

Quantec co-founder and Innovation Director Rod Claycomb accepts the Cawthron Institute Innovation Award at the 2023 Natural Health Products NZ Industry awards

Quantec's commitment to innovation receives Natural Health Products NZ award

Quantec specialises in extracting bioactive whey proteins from milk and creating ingredient solutions to support immunity and digestive health for consumers around the world.

The unique patented combination of milk bioactives delivered by Quantec’s ingredients provides enhanced functional benefits. Quantec’s main product and intellectual property portfolios are built around its proprietary bioactive whey protein fraction known as IDP®.

The company recognised that a key point of differentiation for IDP® was the consistent quality and strength of its bioactive properties. Based on their extensive experience in characterising and quantifying dairy protein bioactivity, Quantec developed a world-first activity index for bioactive whey proteins called EQI®.   

The test method has been patented and licensed to laboratories in New Zealand and China and is now forming the basis for a new testing standard for bioactive whey proteins. 

The Natural Health Products NZ award Judges saw this as a bold innovation, backed by patents, with early successes and lofty goals.  The entry demonstrated a thorough approach to innovation, with clear objectives, defined success/failure points and the ability to pivot based on learnings.