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The NZ Factor

Consider the Source

Quantec is based in the agricultural heart of New Zealand, the Waikato region.  World-renowned for decades as a top dairying region, the Waikato is now one of New Zealand’s premier hubs for agritechnology.

Quantec maintains a committed and highly talented group of scientists, engineers and sales and marketing experts in both animal and human health.  With decades of experience in chemistry, microbiology, animal science, physiology and engineering, this team has a proven track record of taking novel, world-first products to market.

Quantec also has an international network of channel-to-market partners and distributors capable of getting products to market quickly and efficiently.


The New Zealand Factor

sustainable cowWith annual exports in excess of $NZ8 billion, New Zealand is one of the top five dairy exporters in the world supplying around 33 percent of all dairy products traded on the international market.

The country has become a global player in the dairy industry through reliance on its key strengths, including its efficient all-grass farming system, large-scale processing, high research and development investment and creative marketing.

Known around the world for its high quality dairy products, New Zealand has earned a reputation for clean, safe products that comply with rigorous health and safety standards. The country is also widely regarded as leading the international farming community in animal welfare and agricultural sustainability.


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