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Milk protein product to fight bad breath in China

Hamilton biotechnology company Quantec has signed a deal that could open up a $2 million-a-year oral and throat-care market in China for its patented milk protein ingredient.

Quantec managing director Rod Claycomb said Auckland-based NZ New Paradise had bought exclusive rights to the milk protein ingredient, patented as IDP, for use in oral-care and throat-care confectionery products made in New Zealand and exported to China.

Stuff.co.nz |  10 July 2012.

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NZ New Paradise’s first IDP-based product would be a mint to fight bad breath, launched under its Purel brand, he said.

The company also planned to build on IDP’s proven ability to kill bad bacteria in the mouth and reduce inflammation by manufacturing a flavoured chewable tablet for Chinese children to improve oral health. The products will be launched at a major baby and infant products expo in Shanghai on July 17-19, which Claycomb will attend.

The products will be introduced progressively to other cities and regions in China, including Beijing, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. They will be sold online and in baby shops.

European and North American companies were also interested in IDP for similar uses, Claycomb said. A New Zealand launch is not planned.

Quantec had been developing the milk protein for six years. It had made some “modest” sales of IDP but the deal with New Paradise was the first significant sale. Quantec had been working with NZ New Paradise for a year, testing the Chinese market and preparing for the market launch.



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