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08_Rod_Claycomb_19Feb2013--RSCo-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr Rod Claycomb is the founding Managing Director of Quantec Ltd, a New Zealand company specialising in the development and commercialisation of high value naturally derived bioactives.  He has an extensive background in the dairy industry, filling roles from pure and applied research through commercialisation.

Prior to Quantec, he was the founding CEO of Sensortec Ltd, a company set up to develop and commercialise sensor technologies for the measurement of biological components in fluids, particularly milk.  He moved to NZ fourteen years ago to become the Director of R&D for DEC International NZ, Ltd, managing the short-term product development for the Waikato Milking Systems brand and setting up a long-term research programme in on-line milk component sensing.  Prior to coming to NZ, he was the Director of Engineering and Biosensor Development Engineer for DDx, Inc in Denver, CO, USA, where he managed engineering projects supporting the development of biosensor platforms for food and air-borne pathogens and the development of electronic reproduction aids for the cattle industry.  His areas of expertise include bioactives, biosensors, agritechnology and R&D business management.

Dr Claycomb holds a PhD from the University of California, Davis in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, where he developed the first proof-of-principle on-line automated milk progesterone biosensor.


Judy H&S 150x150

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Dr Judy Bragger is a founding director of Quantec Ltd and leads the research into the properties and commercial applications of natural bioactives.

She has extensive research experience in biochemistry and microbiology, having worked for more than 12 years at the University of Waikato studying thermophilic organisms isolated from hot springs for thermostable enzymes useful for commercial applications, and working on a collaborative project with research groups at Fonterra Research, Massey University and IRL to identify the source of the thermophilic organisms in milk powders, and the effects of the enzymes from these organisms on milk powder.

Prior to that her work at the National Health Institute in Wellington included the isolation and identification of the pathogenic leptospires responsible for the disease Leptospirosis in farm workers in New Zealand, in collaboration with researchers at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and the establishment of a Biological Standards Laboratory to perform biological tests to ensure that antibiotic preparations marketed in New Zealand complied with pharmaceutical standards.

Judy has a D.Phil from Waikato University, completed in 1990.



Registration & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Dr Colin Ogle has been involved with R&D and registration of animal health products in New Zealand, Australia and United States through his entire career and has worked in technical support of the manufacture and quality control of these products.  He has also specialized in analytical laboratory support for leading research institutes such as HortResearch and NIWA Ecosystems, and has an interest in medical applications of chemistry.  His Doctoral studies with InterAg Ltd resulted in a patented approach to controlled release of progesterone for fertility devices in farmed animals.  He then expanded his skill base working as a Client Services Manager for New Zealand’s leading analytical laboratory before joining Quantec.  His key role at Quantec is to lead the animal and human health technologies from feasibility through to global registrations.  After growing up on a dairy farm in rural NZ, Colin specialized in synthetic and analytical chemistry for his BSc(Tech) and MSc degrees.  In his spare time Colin is a keen musician and enjoys playing saxophone with some local bands.



Consultant and Project Manager -Animal Health

Mr Dave Malcolm M.Sc (Hons) is a Dairy microbiologist and reproductive dairy specialist. As an industry consultant, he is a well-respected authority in milk quality, having worked in the field for 30 years; including working for companies and organisations  such as MAF, NZCDC, Tatua, and SAITL Dairy Lab.

Dave Malcolm is a Specialist in laboratory management, particularly implementation and maintenance of automated methods and Laboratory Information Management Systems. Development and implementation of Risk Management Programmes for dairy and food manufacturing, product specifications, and laboratory testing systems. Farm dairy projects include management of mastitis research, automated milking equipment development projects, and detergent and sanitiser development.

He is an independent consultant in milk quality and in several other dairy related fields and a member of the National Mastitis Advisory Committee  Quantec Ltd have retained Mr Malcolm to assist with;

  • Evaluation of Quantec’s NMR mastitis therapy
  • General mastitis research and control techniques
  • Evaluation and development of teat sanitisers and dairy hygiene systems
  • Maintaining health in dairy goats
  • Milk quality trouble shooting for independent dairy processors
  • Support for automated milking systems with heat and mastitis detection